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Fuel Costs, Interest and Savings Accounts

Running gold in your car. If you have to drive any length of time you know that the $4 dollar a gallon gas putting a huge crimp in your life style, it currently costs about $20 dollars a day just to go back and forth to work. That is a lot of cash and reduces your free extra spending money and able yourself to build up a savings account because you have to have so much cash to waste in your fuel tank. It is nice when I get a little spiff from my savings accounts via interest. I can use the interest money to buy me a starbucks coffee.

This is time to max out your savings to make extra money to cover the god awful necessity to throwing your money away into your tank. If you want to track the best interest rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, and certificate of depositĀ  accounts from finest banks and credit unions across the United States, then check out the folks of eMoneyCentral. All Accounts are federally insured banks and credit unions. You will be able to rate comparisons can be easily reached via the top navigation bar.

Now your money is working for you making interest to reduce your fuel costs :(

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