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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

At the beginning Jango Fett, the greatest Bounty Hunter is chasing a man named Meeko Ghintee for his friend Rozatta, the owner of the outland. With Meeko captured, Jango gets a message from Dark Lord Tyranus (Count Dooku) to join a hunt for special prey. The reward the winner will reseve is five million credits, if they can capture of the deranged leader Komari Vosa. And then jango decides to join the hunt. There is some rumors that the Bando Gora (the company that Komari is the leader of) is behind the shipments of “Death Sticks”. And then Jango Fett decides to chase down the death stick dealer Jervis Gloom, who is infact wanted by the corusant police.

Jango captures Gloom and is able get him to reveal his sources. This leads him to go to a nerf prossesing plant in the Industrial Sector, run by a gangster named Groff Haugg. When Jango arrives he encounters Montross (who has already killed and tortured Haungg) and then learns that him and montross are trying to clam the same prize. Jango fights Montross, who flees, before finding a message on Haugg’s computer from the gangster’s co-conspirator, the senator Trell. Jango must now fight his way to the senator’s penthouse. Trell says that the death sticks came from a crime lord named Sebolto. After Roz’s advice, Jango proceeds to a prison on an asteroid named Oovo IV to release Bendix Fust with the idea of delivering him to Sebolto. Zam Wesell another bounty hunter meets Jango Fett at gun point, decide that if they are going to make it out of there they have to work together. Players also fight many bosses through the levels such as Montross and Bando Gora. There are also side objectives, such as collecting secondary bounties, that unlock special bonus items in the game. So check it out.

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