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Call of Duty: World At War

Call of Duty: World At War is an action, adventure game made by Treyarch. The player takes control of 3 different soldiers. A U.S. Navy Petty Officer Locke, Marine Private C. Miller and soviet soldier Dimitri Petrenko. The game takes place in many different historical places.

World at War starts players off as Private C. Miller held captured on the Makin island and was about to be sentenced to death by the japenese when the rescue squad lead by Sgt.Tom Sullivan and Corporal Roebuck breaks the prisoners out and strikes at the heart of the japanese camp.And then the game shifts to the Battle of Stalingard where a massacre of the Russians by the Nazi.

Where The player takes control of Soviet soldier Dimitri Petrenko one of the last in his squad finds himself in a water fountain with the Nazi’s patrolling killing the rest of his comrades joins forces with Sgt. Viktor Reznov who helps him, work his way through the broken buildings and join up with the rest of the squad. They continue their plan to kill the German general and after they kill the general the battle to stop the Nazi’s is on.

There is a new multi-player or solo mode added called NAZI ZOMBIES! It is pretty much never ending zombie slaying fun. The game comes with one zombie map called Nacht Der Undertoten. You can buy additional maps but it gives you a good taste of the zombies. World at War is personally my favorite Call of Duty due to it’s intenseness and action. So check it out.

Call of Duty: World at War Screenshot

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